Babies for Sale

photo_2 photo_3I am now working on updating my website. So many people have asked over and over for new and updated pictures.

I have been having a blast training the babies from last year. They have been playing and working to the point that they are exhausted at night. There is nothing like a baby sleeping at night.

I have five of my babies left. I am planning on keeping two.  I have one stud colt that is ready to sell and two fillies.

If you are truly interested in bringing one of my babies home, I would suggest that you come to visit so that you can choose your “new kid.”



2014 has brought us quite the bounty.  We have several nice foals for sale. In fact, it has been said by some excellent horse folk that Major produces some of the nicest gaited and calm personalities available in today’s Walking Horse world.  I have several of his stock for sale.



1.  First of all, I have a double agouti EeAATobiano stud colt for sale. He is proud and good looking. He has been handled extensively since birth and I think you will be impressed with him when you see him. He is pretty unique in his color genetics. Why have the same old boring genetics when you can have Christmas morning every time you have a foal?  He is out of Golden Cream Bird and by Major.  He is priced to sell at $3500 and is truly unique in color, gait, and genetics.  If you are looking to have a herd sire or you just want to have a riding stallion and sire a few babies a year, you should look no further. You will make your money back in just a few babies. I would keep him but I have his daddy! I don’t want to be greedy and have TWO genetic wonders!  His picture is above. Enjoy and make sure you give me a call and grab him up!



2.  This is Shy’s baby. Chance’s Country Girl who is an own daughter of Chance’s Goldmine MF. This colt could also be a double agouti but I have not tested to see. As you can see, he is top notch with the darker buckskin coloring. He is a buckskin and has one Tobiano gene. So, his genetics would be either EeAA or EeAa.  He is built super nice with a thick chest, loving disposition, and a faster appearing gait.  He stands to have his feet picked up and is handled daily. This is not, nor are any of my colts, wild. He has been handled since birth and you will see that he is really top notch.  Come for a visit and check him out! He is priced at $2500 (open to offers).

He is available at this time (4-7-15). He could very well be a double agouti. I have just sent off a hair sample to know his genetics.











3. Large Buckskin Tobiano Filly

She is a large filly that has an H on her side in her markings. So, if your last name begins with an H, what a bonus this could be for you!  She could be a double agouti but I am not going to test her because I don’t want to know (I might have to keep her).  She was the first born this year and she is incredibly well gaited. She is out of our Royal Ivory line so if you are like me, you will really enjoy this cross. She is for sale and as the typing of this note, in August, she could be weaned. She is handled and touched daily and will let you pick up her feet and rub all over her. If you are wanting a large walking horse mare with the bonus of color and markings, check her out. You can have a lot of fun with these markings. She is priced at $2500.  She has one of the prettiest heads that I have ever seen in a walking horse. She carries herself with pride and has an outstanding conformation that is hard to find in some of the bigger horses.  Don’t wait on her! Hazel is her call name but she is ready to go to her new family any time.

She is the biggest baby from 2014. She looks to finish out at near 16 hands. This is a little too big for me or else I would keep her. She is properly trained with leading, standing, and tieing.  Now that she is a year old and she has such a great size, I am asking $2000 for her. Again, always open to offers.


photo_1 photo_2 (1) photo_3 (2)












4. This is a fine colt that has the breeding of Spotted Alen Again.  His full brother sold for $10,000. He could be a double agouti stud colt but I am not checking. He has a 50% chance of having these genes. He is out of our riding mare, Seattle, who is also for sale. I would actually sell them as a combo for $4000 or I will sell him alone for $2000. If you wanted a 3:1 package, I would breed Seattle back to Major or even my blue roan stallion for an additional $250.  This is a super nice colt and he has the color to boot. He is friendly, loves attention and is always there to greet us when we go for our daily walks out in the pasture. Please give me a call so that we can get him (and her) to you ASAP.  Thanks for looking!


photo_1 (1) photo_2 photo_3 (1) photo_4 (1)



















5.  Bay Tobiano filly that has the best of all breeding. She is out of an own daughter of Skywatch and is by our most excellent stallion, Major. She is about 50:50 bay:white. The ideal color markings for many of us trail riders. She is a super sweet doll that is handled daily. In fact, she is such a pesky, attention seeking filly that we have to try and outrun her to get to the other foals. She is priced to sell especially if you get her quickly.  I would sell her soon for $1800. She will be the most interested, well gaited, and affectionate trail horse that you have ever seen. Guaranteed!  Give me a call to see her!

photo_1 (2) photo_2 (1) photo_3 (2) photo_4 (2) T his girl could be a double agouti. I am truly impressed with her interaction. She is quite personable and she is loving all of the attention. She is the first one up to me when I start school. Moreover, she just watches and appears to learn from the other babies during their schooling!