Blue Roan Stud – the best in the industry!

Rise and Shine Walkers is blessed to stand the best of the best. As proven by both trail and rail expertise in their offspring, I think you will agree that we have some outstanding walking horse stallions. I would like to introduce you to them!

Traveler:  Captains Cream Color  9712369/PE

“Traveler” is of the older Western blood line. He is the Kind of the Castle here at Rise and Shine Walkers. He comes to us from the older breeding stock of Blue Gold and out of Blanca Traveler. He has produced some of the smoothest gaits out there. In fact, we have received hundreds of comments and compliments about his compact, yet perfect conformation, his smooth gaits, his sane foals, and his quiet nature. You only have to show Traveler or his get one time and they seem to just “get it!” This is somewhat rare in some of the high minded show stock. However, when blending Traveler with some of this show stock, you can certainly get the best of the best. Traveler was a jewel in the finding of him. With the help of Elsie Darrah,I was able to go back through iPeds and track him through the quality of the stock that he produced. I found him in Mississippi and called the guy and quickly went to get him.  The gentleman that had him was eager to sell him, not because of any faults on Traveler except that he will NOT breed a large herd of mares. He will breed a small herd or will hit a near perfect conception when he is bred in hand. He will do live cover, he will wait for the verbal command to hand breed, and he will pasture breed a small herd of mares. However, he will not cover a single mare if he is in a large herd. This is great for me since I have been able to control the mares that he breeds. He did not have a lot of foals on the ground before I bought him and I have been able to control the quality of the foals that he has sired. If you see a Traveler foal out there and he was born after 2005, you should grab him / her up! It will be an outstanding horse! If you are interested in seeing Traveler for yourself or if you are interested in a fine colt / filly that has been sired by him, please make sure that you give us a call! His color genetics are EeAACrCr. This means that he can only sire a buckskin or a palomino (or a double dilute from a diluted mare).

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Strutting his stuff.

The mare behind him is Rosie, a mare from the breeding program of Elsie Darrah

Very refined head and a good brain inside!

Gorgeous head that he really puts on his babies!


Gorgeous perlino stallion that is second to none in the industry for sane and smooth gaited horses.

 Frosty:  Frostys Reflection  20014630 / RR

Frosty is “the perfect sire”  Granted, I might be a little biased but when folks come to see this horse that say, “now that is a horse’s horse.” He is a nearly perfect specimen of a horse. I believe, as well as those that have ridden him, that he is the smoothest horse of all time! He has a perfect record. Every mare that he has been bred to will conceive and foal! That is awesome. He has also the old time style gait that is quick, four beat, solid, and smooth. When you are riding this horse, you know you are riding a true AMBASSADOR of the walking horse breed. He is an inspiration to all that see him. He has pulled wedding carriages and funeral wagons. He is an outstanding horse and his foals are solid. In 2012, he sired four foals. He produced 3 out of 4 with the roan color and 3 out of 4 were female. As of this writing, all are for sale at very reasonable prices. He comes out of the old blood lines of Frostys Perfection R. and Elwanda.  I had originally met Elbert Dubar when I called about a riding mare named Destiny. Destiny is my personal riding mare now. However, when Elbert delivered Destiny from Arkansas, I was surprised to find that he brought along Frosty!  When I saw him back out of the trailer, I was so impressed (as Elbert knew I would be) that I bought him. I have never looked back.  You can see from the many photos that he is something very, very special. If you are interested in an old time gaited horse with a gentle disposition, you should look for a Frosty foal or look to breed him. We only pasture breed Frosty. He is so happy out with the mares. We have had him with mares and foals – he is the perfect Daddy to the foals. I love this horse too (just like Traveler) and he has so over delivered in his offspring and in his day to day handlings. Thank you Frosty!

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Look at his lift! This is all natural!

Frosty, the main man!

Look at me!

Look at me – I am the prettiest of all!

He is proud of himself!


What a gorgeous stallion. The key here is that he is just as nice on the inside as he is on the outside

Major:  Caper’s Major League 20102653 / EEAA Tob/Tob

What a find! Can you imagine knowing that you are going to get one of the most intelligent, colored up, walking horses in the world by breeding to this stallion? Well, it is true. If you breed your cremello mares to Major, I will guarantee you that you will get a buckskin tobiano! He is very unique in his color genetics. He has sired a few stud colts with the same genetics but remember, he is the first. All the others are second! Major is a bowing, side-passing, bending, super horse that has the sane mind and the smooth gait that I love in my stallions. He is also very well trained and has a lot of fun in performing his tricks. Forget the tricks if it weren’t for the other distinguishing features of Major. All the tricks and the color genetics mean NOTHING if it were not for his great gait, his athleticism, his willing nature, and his gentle spirit. He is very obedient in hand and loves to have attention. He calls for you when you walk into the barn. Not a loud obnoxious call but a soft nickering that says, “please come and see me!” My stallions, including Major, are all handled with a simple rope halter. In fact, I can hand breed them with a simple rope halter. I don’t have to have a chain – that is the way to live around horses. Mutual respect. If you have a single dilute mare such as a palomino, buckskin or smokey black, you can breed to Major and you will have a 50:50 shot of a buckskin tobiano or a bay tobiano.  I would love for you to come see Major if you are interested in his genetics or his gait. I also have several colored up individual horses for sale that are by Major! Please call if you are interested in stopping  by!

KoKo:  Diamonds Lucky Charm  20700550 / Bl / S

Koko a Silver Dapple stallion that is out of this world! He is very unique in that he does not have the sabino gene! He is a solid silver dapple. Now, I have not used him for breeding as I wanted to make sure that he was of the quality that is outstanding. I have also reduced my breeding operation significantly. I have four stallions and am only breeding one stallion a year. This year, I have two mares in foal to Traveler. This coming spring, I am planning to breed Koko. However, I am also willing to sell Koko to someone that is able to more fully utilize Koko. He has been broke to ride and is very easy to train. He is easy to handle and is the perfect gentleman. I have not bred him to any mares ONLY because I have really slowed down, significantly, on my horse breeding. Please give me a call if you are interested in learning more about him or interested in coming to see Koko!  765-438-3844 or 765-883-7717


Silver dapple stallion. Ready to start his own herd