Mares and For Sale Horses


Things have been moving really fast here at Rise and Shine Walkers.  We have several quality horses for sale. We have currently for sale:


Naomi : 6 year old large palomino mare that is incredibly well gaited and a super calm disposition. She has a quiet, gentle giant personality. However, she will pick it up and get moving as soon as you ask her to – she loves to ride! She is easy to catch and a pleasure to be around. She is priced at $3500.  Check her out.

Listed Below, as you scroll down the page, you will see our horses for sale! 

You can always call 765-438-3844 or email me at to inquire. I am fairly certain that we have what you are looking for!

Naomi is up front. Jessie is in back and is sold. Jessie is now in Oregon!


The foals have started hitting the ground and we are amazed at their gait, color, and disposition! I have included some photos here. We have 9 on the ground. We have several buckskin tobianos and one bay tobiano. Incredible. Enjoy the photos. Go to the foal page to see the babies.

Rise and Shine Walkers has collected the best of the best when it comes to sane, smooth, and super smart TN walking horses. We have a wide variety of horses for sale. Many of our mares were born here but there are many that have been purchased from the best walking horse herds in the world. Please take your time and review the horses that we have! I am sure you will find what you are looking for. I will list for you the mares that we have for sale currently. We have them priced in all price ranges from $500 to $5000 depending on the level of training, pedigree, gait, disposition, experience and finally the pedigree. However, you can’t ride the pedigree. Some of the best horses that I have seen have been the old blood lines or the right balance of old and new. I hope you enjoy!

As you can see from these images, we have a great mixture of many types and colors of walking horses. I hope you enjoy!


Gina  SOLD

Gina is an incredibly well gaited by tobiano with just the right balance of white, black and bay!  She has been under saddle now for over 60 days. She is a nice sized mare at about 15-2. She can carry any rider. Chris is 6ft 2 inches and is certainly not too big for Gina. She is quite possibly a double agouti, double black mare. She is ready to ride. Just in time for spring. Gina is priced right – $2250.


This mare is going to be the best overall trail mare out there. If you want style, pizazz, gait, intelligence and you want it ALL in a horse that is your partner (friend) then come check her out. She will grow to 16 hands, I am sure!


Double agouti buckskin tobiano mare that is ready to travel. She has had young riders to my 70 year old dad. She has had 90 days of training but only needs to have wet blanket time with her new rider to get that bonding. She is ready to mold into the perfect horse.  Check her out. I will post more videos as we get them made. This video was made on Valentine’s day and I think my dad has a new Valentine. Since she was started, Jesse has really turned into an extra special trail horse. She will go through bushes and thick woods. She is wanting to please. She is ready for some brisk trail riding. She really wants to please her rider and the entire time, she is gaiting up a storm.  She is priced to sell quickly (because this is a lot of horse) at $2500.  She is also a DOUBLE AGOUTI for those breeders out there.




Buckskin tobiano double agouti mare

Naomi and Jessie cutting trees!




Dark bay tobiano gelding that is learning to pull a cart or wagon. Don’t let that detract from his perfect manners under saddle. Again, his training was started in the dead of winter of 2014 with 16 inches of snow on the ground. It hasn’t slowed him down a bit. This video was his first time driving. Look at his conformation and his movement. Wow! He is 15 hands, the perfect size, and is ready to go to that perfect home. He will be trained to a cart soon. That would just be the bonus. If you can get them to drive, they are putty in your hands. Vigo is certainly a gentleman. Look at him moving. His price, at this time in February of 2014, is $2500. That is a steal. His price will only go up as he is rode more. You can mold him to your own! Check him out!

YouTube Video #1

YouTube Video #2

YouTube Video #3 – this is the first time he has ever had a rider up! Amazing.

I like to put up videos of different training times. It is interesting for the new owner of Vigo to see him the VERY FIRST TIME he had a rider up. No bucking, no attitude – just let me please you! What do you want me to do?



My Pride’s Last Chance   20106402  Buckskin

Scout is a super nice mare. She has been all over the country. She has been on the Virginia Creeper trail that has over 30 wooden bridges. She crossed them with ease. She is well gaited.  I am only selling her because she is about 2 inches bigger than I want. She will only go to a great home. She is 15.2!  Scout is priced at $2500. What a good deal!

Racking Machine! If you like a horse with a long stride, or if you want to collect her up, you can have it all with Scout!

Video #1

Video #2

Racking on down the road video

Look at me FLY!!



Golden Palomino Mare

She is broke to ride and super gentle. She will be a kids’ horse or a novice horse with just a few more rides. She has the most gentle disposition and is so sweet on the ground and under saddle. She is a tall horse and is able to carry any size rider with ease. As you can see, she has a super nice gait and you can tell in these videos that she is very athletic. She is for sale for $3000 and that is a steal.

Naomi and Jessie cutting trees!

Naomi (palomino) and Jessie (Double agouti buckskin tobiano mare) 



Ace is a full bodied, sturdy, walking horse gelding. He is truly able to carry any rider as he has excellent bone structure and it just a solid boy. He has been there and done that and is ready to cover some ground this summer. He is a cremello and super sturdy. He is certainly very flashy on the trail. If you look at these videos, you can see how the sun just lights him up. He is priced at $2800 and is truly a dream horse. Call or come and see him. I PROMISE that you will fall in love!

Ace and Porsche

Ace and Porsche covering some ground.

ACE on the move



Bamboozled  210115508 / Bay

When the vets from Purdue want to go for a ride, this is who we saddle up for them. She is a fantastic ambassador of the breed. She can do any gait that you ask her to but for the guest riders that are brave at heart, they love the lope! Booze as we call her is a true pleasure. She has a full spirit, loaded with energy and can go ALL day and never tire. If you are a more inexperienced rider, she will settle down into a nice slow gait. However, she is more than willing to pick it up a bit if you ask her to! She is a true lady. She has been every where with me and I am proud to own her. She is really a mare that should be used for endurance or more trail riding. I have too many horses to keep such a fine animal to myself. If you are looking for the “the one,” I think you might have found her. I personally prefer a mare because I find them bigger in heart and more interested in the trail! Just let me know if you want to come and give her a test spin! I look forward to talking with you!

Large bay mare that is a great racking machine. If you like to travel at a good clip or if you like to walk nice and slow, then you will love this mare!


This is our awesome riding mare – good for anyone and all riding skill levels!

The riding mare for all riders – beginners to advanced. You will have fun learning all her bells and whistles!

Quarterback Bay Bee  20115054  Bay

This is a mare that I bought from Jim Holmes. I think he had gotten her in middle TN. She is a lovely mare and she really knows how to move out! She has been used primarily as a brood mare. She was trained by a gentleman in the Ozarks for Jim Holmes. He said that she had one of the nicest gaits. Bay Bee was abused at someone’s hand. You can only catch her on the left side. Once you catch her, she really does prefer it if you stand on her left side. She is as gentle as a mouse and loves to have the attention once you catch her. She is not horribly difficult to catch but for us, where most of our horses beat down the doors to come and see you, Bay Bee is shyer. If you want to raise some nice babies with a great pedigree, you need to check her out. She is priced to sell only because we are not breeding as many horses as we have in the past! Please call if you are interested in coming to see her!


This is an outstanding mare that really raises great babies. She was broke to ride in the Ozarks. She was abused some where along the way. She is a really nice horse – difficult to catch but once caught, timid and gentle as a mouse.

Nice gatied mare. She is a little shy but super nice.

Cuttie Brown  20311812  Bay

Cutie Brown is one of our heritage mares. She is doing very well under saddle. I actually saw this mare at Leon Oliver’s and I had to have her! She is a really a nice moving mare that is got the gait that we all love!  She has only been used here on the farm. She has never been bred but would make a great broodmare! I am only willing to sell her to a great home. I have to have $2500 for her. I would just as soon keep her as to let her go for less! If you are wanting a hand bred mare from the Leon Oliver line, you need to check her out! She is under saddle and super super super smooth! She is for sale for $3500. Again, she is a heritage mare from Leon Oliver. She doesn’t spook and just keeps on going and going and going! Could be a good versatility or trail / pleasure mare.

Ready to get a full time job. She has never been bred but would not be a problem.

Heritage bred mare – broke to ride. Very smooth and stout. Nice mare. She came from Leon Oliver.

I love to smell my people. I am the owner of the people!

Great heritage mare






Sunrise Sabbath  941929  Black

Sabbath is a nice mare that is now retired from the brood mare band. I think she has had her last foal. She has just weaned one of the nicest fillies that we have ever raised. My kids have named the filly Jewel.  Sabbath is blind in one eye and I think she just needs to stay a Rise and Shine mare.

Hard Cash Delight  986529  Black

Molly is incredibly bred and a super nice mare. If you are looking for a Cash mare with no white, you need to check out this girl. I would love for her to go to a home that is raising nice colts. Molly has been under saddle but I have not personally ever seen it. I think you will not find a better, more behaved solid black mare out there. She is priced to sell at $1500  She is broke to ride and is being given a refresher course this winter and into the spring. She is one of the nicest mares out here. If you are wanting a broke mare that is ready to raise some foals that is easy to handle and great at foaling, then she is priced right!

Look at this great ___!


Deb’s Golden Sunrise   989449  Buckskin

This is my daughter’s favorite horse – this week! She has produced for us the best stud colts in the industry. If you look at the top breeders of buckskin mares, you will find that she is his Momma!

Darrah’s Cappuccino Girl  19907676  Buckskin

Cappie is broke to ride. She is nearly 16 hands and if left long on the toe, would cross the 16 hand mark. She is a great broodmare but is even better at foaling. She is priced right at $3500.  She, as all my mares, will only go to a great home. I might require references. I will never purposely sell a horse to a farm that does not feed them well. All of my horses are winter fat and I want them to stay well nourished.

In foal


Scout’s third ride after 2 years



Alen’s Seattle Rain   20013240  Buckskin Tobiano

Seattle is due to foal in 2014 and this should be a knockout. You can go to Cloud9Walkers and see the gelding that is this exact cross that she has listed for $15,000.  Of course, he has had a lot of training but it had to be there to begin with so you can get the same cross for $2000 by locking in the price today.



Alen’s High Octane   20113274  Buckskin Tobiano  SOLD $3500.  Dottie has a great home now but I do miss her as she was my riding horse!


Shade’s Push’n Glitter   20200202  Buckskin


Darrah’s Ivory Rose   20208452  Buckskin  Rosie has produced for us this past year an amazing stud colt. We are waiting for his color genetics but I think he is “the one”.  We call him Dallas because he is so Western looking.  Rosie is for sale to only the best home for $3500 that could include a breeding to any of my stallions for that price.


Pleasure’s Trixie-N-Dixie   20209423  Buckskin


Lou’s Million Dollar Baby    20601519  Buckskin  Shelby is a EEAA mare that has been broke to ride. As a riding mare, I have not chosen to breed her but she would also make a great broodmare given her genetics. She is the one to greet you when you go out in the pasture. She is  just a dandy. I had no intentions of selling her BUT I do need to sell down and I just don’t have the time to ride ALL of these great horses. Check her out. She is priced at $3000. She is about 15.1 hands tall. The perfect size if you ask me.

Double agout buckskin mare. Super nice!


M. Gen’s Queen of Sheba  931825  Chestnut


Gen-U-Wine  943086  Chestnut / Sorrel



Red Bud’s Rememberance  9812870  Chestnut / Sorrel


Pride’s Lady Design   19908455  Sorrel


American Woman  19901670  Sorrel  “Woman”



Show Me The Way   20014511  Chestnut  “Show Me”


Sunfire’s Hearthrob  20014572  Sorrel  “Sunfire”


Extra Steppin  20200439   Sorrel  “Tessa”


Creator’s Grace   20210587  Sorrel  “Grace”


Golden Mack’s Delight  20601532  Sorrel  “Cici”  This mare is a RACKING MACHINE!  Look for some great videos of her soon!

She is by Reno who is a racking machine. She is under saddle. Very nice.



Bud’s Fancy Belle   904395  Palomino  “Fancy”

My old girl that is retired from all but the lightest of riding. She is an official “hay-burner” now!



Bonnie’s Golden Beam  985876  Palomino  “Beam”

Currently in foal for a 2014 tobiano, either buckskin or bay tobiano. Priced now for sell for $2000. Guaranteed live foal (you will get a free re-breed). She is a nice mare to handle and she has that bloodline that you can’t find anymore – Royal Ivory. She has many years of foaling. If you buy Beam, you can bring her back every year for $150 to breed to my stallions (there will be daily farm charges of $5 a day.)


Chance’s Country Gold MF  19913471  Palomino  “Shy”


Golden Gaited Girl RSW  20704998  Palomino  “Naomi”

Dark golden mare, very pretty, and super sweet


Ace’s Gold ‘N Silver RSW  20601523  Palomino  “Isabella”

Isabella palomino that is the friendliest mare that we have. She loves to see people and is the first to come up to us in the pasture. She will leave her food to come see us.



Golden Rascal Delight RSW  20601533  “Rascal”

Older blood lines. Very nice – heritage.


Blaisen Miss “Q”   20114273  “Barbie”  Double Agouti Champagne


Now if you like a girl with some hair, this is the horse for you. She is also a AA (double agouti) but is super gentle to ride. She is priced to sell, ready to go at $2500.  Come see her at Rise and Shine Walkers. If you want a show girl with a ton of hair, this is the horse for you!

Double agout champagne mare.


Ace’s Cream and Sugar  19903273  Cremello  “Pinky”


Golden Cream Bird   20000897  Double Agouti Cremello  “Cream Bird”


Dandy’s  Buttercup  20204522  Cremello Mare  “Buttercup”


Gambling’s Cream Puff  20406408  Large Cremello Mare  “Cream Puff”


Angel’s Moonlight Dance  20401497  Cremello Mare   “Angel”


Bud’s Sterling Lady   983042  Grey  “Lady Grey”


Mississippi Cash   20308841  Grey  “Silver”


Sugar is Sweet  20208862 Maximum Sabino  “Skye”


Gen’s Celebrated Lady  967027  “Geraldine”








Frosty’s Destiny  20014628  Bay Roan  “Destiny”