Foals (Babies)

This is a great filly!


We raised four babies this year. Frosty was the sire of them all!

I have three fillies:  Solid Black, Red Roan, and Blue Roan. UPDATE:  I just sold the solid blue roan filly! If you are wanting a Rise and Shine baby, you had best hurry!


We have one stud colt that is Blue Roan!

Babies 4

Babies 3

Babies 2

Babies Moving

Blue Roan Filly  – solid and no white. She is by Frosty and out of a mare called A Gen’s Krystal Bay.  She is priced at $1500

Red Roan Filly – She is by Frosty and A Dream Come Blue.  She is priced at $1,000

Blue Roan Stud Colt – this boy has white socks on both backs.  He is out of my riding mare, Annie Blue.  He is priced at $800

Solid Black Filly – This is the last baby out of Sabbath. She is going to be retired!.  She is priced is $750.